Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek Personal Insurance

Sometimes bad things happen to good people.  It is sad and sobering, but true.  However, if you let the The Geary T. Newman Insurance Agency help you with your insurance needs, we will help you craft an insurance portfolio that will respond to the unexpected and prevent financial disaster.  For most people, the products that are needed are mainly three - Auto, Home and Life Insurance.  But some need additional coverage in the form of Disability Insurance or Boat or RV coverage.  Each person and their family is unique and it makes sense to have a discussion with an insurance professional to make certain that what you are buying adequately covers the people you love and the property you depend on to live and conduct your livelihood.  We at the Geary T. Newman Agency are here to help you make decisions about your insurance so that you are protected from life's unexpected pitfalls.