Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek Business Insurance

If it wasn't for small businesses, we wouldn't have much commerce in the United States and most people would not have a job.  Small businesses, especially family businesses both full time and part time, are the economic engine of the U.S. providing most of the employment and contributing more to the economy of the U.S. than is contributed by all the governments and big businesses combined.

The agent, Geary Newman, has extensive experience helping small business owners with their insurance needs.  He understands the family business' need to balance risk acceptance against insurance cost.  He also understands and keeps abreast of how business taxation affects both a business' bottom line and at times the very insurance policy the business has to have in order to operate.

Sometimes a business' insurance needs are simple and a single Businessowner Policy will suffice.  Other times the family business' needs are greater with large amounts of General Liability, Workers Compensation and Inland Marine coverage required to adequately protect the business from loss.  At times, the most important policy we write is on the life of the Key Employee of that business to respond in the event of disability or death.

The agent, Geary Newman, has helped many different businesses find the right policy for their business and then helped them understand how to figure the price of that policy into the product or service their business provides.  It is one of the most important services The Geary T. Newman Agency provides for its business clients and it is expertise freely offered as we help our clients get the coverage they need.